Property Finance Company

We introduce developers and others who are looking for finance or project funding to prime lenders who will support your project.

Finding development finance is not easy and its often frankly demoralising. You will need to

  • Find a bank that it is worth talking to, who wants to invest and actually likes the property sector – not easy.
  • Find the right person who wants and is able to help, who will treat you with respect and work with you to deliver the project – really difficult.
  • Complete the project appraisal in a form acceptable to the bank, and the myriad other documents they will need.
  • After all that you still have to persuade the bank you have fundable project -
  • And then negotiate the deal. The funder will want everything and expect you to be suitably appreciable of their position.
  • Complete the due diligence, answer every question in two ways, and provide numerous documents and “proofs” that what you say is substantiated by independent advisers.
  • Deal with bank solicitors, valuers and fund monitor

PropFinCo will assist with all this and remove most of the hassle and pain.

We are finance and development consultants and very different people from finance brokers and we work differently. We actively help you improve your project:

  1. You deal with Brad Bamfield and John Lamond, the partners, from day one.
  2. We will assess your project for viability, deliverability and the potential to achieve funding.
  3. We add value by identifying improvements in your development, maximising the Return on Investment (profitability) through enhanced sales and/or reduced cost.
  4. We work with a number of prime funders and we will only approach those we think will want to support your project.
  5. So if we take on your funding requirement it is because we think you have a viable project [1] and we have a lender who we think will back you.
  6. We can also help to develop the most effective tax strategy to protect your profits.
  7. We only take on projects that we know are viable and can be funded.

Most importantly we do not charge retainers or any fee until we have identified a lender who is interested in the project. We want to work with people who we can help and that means getting your project funded as that’s how we earn our money not by charging upfront fees.

Brad, a developer, and John, a finance director, bring very different but complimentary skills to the funding sector and provide unique back up and support for your project. We only promote projects that can succeed and we never blind send projects to banks or lenders.

So what do you have to lose?

[1] We provide no warranties, actual or implied, regarding the profitability of your project.

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